One amazing journey is over, another starts!

Hey! Ages since you heard from me, sorry about that... seriously, we have had one test each day this week ... now that's finally over :) can't complain about that! :D

Well anyways ... last Saturday was a very special day for me, sad but also one of the best days of my life also! All of my top ten best days have been with EF so... well, there was the reunion! :) that I basically have been waiting for since I came home from NY! :)

It was amazing seeing Morten again as always, the best courseleader ever! I really can't explain how lucky I've been who got to spend the last three summers with him... I seriously feel honoured about it! :) - and 11 out of 13 of the 4- weeks - New York gang came too! That was amazing! And lastly but also fantastic was that MICHAEL CAME!!!! The centre manager from Long beach! I was sooooo undesirably happy to see him! Really! Been waiting for that for a year now! Words can't describe how fantastic that made my last day with EF Language Travels the best I could ever ask for!

Thank you everyone, for making this the best two year of my life, the best three summers of my life! I love you!

However and luckily, this is not my last time with EF! I'll, as I'd mentioned, be going for three months with EF language Courses to San Diego next year and also to EF berlin!! Can't wait for that! In fact, today there's exactly one year till I'm leaving San Diego ; ;( already feeling sad about that haha) and go to EF berlin (happy about that) haha!!

So I've got a lot of adventures in front of me! Can't wait for that!!

Love, Camilla :)

Yes Morten you're the number one ... forever and ever!

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