Like a rock in my chest but don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened ❤

Hey guys!

Where have I been? Well... now I think I can be able to blog about my two last days ... I've just been so sad I haven't been able to ... you know ... it's been awful leaving the two pervious years as well, but this was my absolute last time and saying goodbye to for example morten, that's been a huge part of my life since 2015, Robert, Kyle and not knowing when I'm going to see them again, that's kinda unbearable...

but it's as Juri once said: don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened... :)

The two last days were like this:

First graduation, where I held a speech and completely totally bursted into tears ... hahah earlier on, we have had like three or four days left when there's graduation... but here it was the absolute last thing we did ... well... It was nice tho! :) and then we have morten a little gift from the 13 minions that we are haha :)

Then we went to see Times Square by night ❤ and after that it was only hugging, crying and small message writing ... and I got a hoodie saying "hello hello hello EF celebrating 50 years". That he got right before the summer of 2015... and that's all the three summers we've been traveling together .... god I cried!

And the day after, we had to check out if our rooms by 8.30 and then we placed it in the dancing room and no one wanted to go out the door haha ... five hours later ... 13.45 ... when the bus came to pic us up... tears all over after yet another best summer ever! Tears all over ... Robert, morten, Hugo, the nurse , Kyle, Jojo ... I can continue forever ....

and then when we came to Newark Liberty International i had to say goodbye to Kyle ... not forever i hope ... but for a very long time.. and that's probably some of the worst things I've done in my life... then we landed in Oslo 20 minutes before we we're going to ... :) I didn't want that plane ride to end .. im going to see that gang at the reunion ... can't wait for that! But I still miss them!

Hoping some of the locals will come too!!!

- the only bad thing about EF is that it always come to an end... such an indescribable summer!

Thank you! :) love you!

- see you soon!

Love, Camilla

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