Only one full day left of this paradise:(

Heyy guys!

Now I'm sitting all sweaty in the gym with a basketball under my knees, relaxing my feet. I have seriously started liking basketball while being here! Haha! But there's one very sad thing and that is that we're going back to Norway on Saturday... I'm going to freaking cry my eyes out....

anyways ... I'll try not to think about that now ... because we've still got time left and that, I have planned to enjoy fully and completely!! :)

So since the last time you heard from me, there's been a lot of cool stuff happening: prom, shopping, NY soho and so on :)

Yesterday's prom was really really amazing!! And the decoration was so the best!! Loved the atmosphere! Hahah

Today, the others are at Six Flags, but I didn't want to spend my language travel by throwing up haha so I stayed here at campus just chilling :) so what I've been doing today is basically started packing, gone to ACME, the store and now played some basket :) next on the schedule is to write the graduation speech that I'm going to hold tomorrow, or if not write at least structure it and hoping it'll be good! :) dinner and chill Haha see you!

- Camilla

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