Amazing things happening


There's been a while since I blogged now, but that's just because I haven't had the time because there's been so much going on! On Friday, there was the graduation for the ones that are staying only three weeks... and then we went to see Times Square at night and then on Saturday we went to see the 9/11 memorial, Wall Street and Brooklyn Bridge! That was completely amazing! The only awful thing that day was that we had to say goodbye to the three - weekers :( god I cried :( and then the AMAZING activity leader from last year, Greg stopped by!! Omg I really had missed him so much!! And I do miss him now :) but so grateful that he came! Yesterday I played basket again and we went to NYC again :)

There's only five days left :(( couldn't be more sad about that... but it's not over yet and every second and every day will be enjoyed till the and and to the fullest! I refuse to realize that! That awful fact ...

now there was school and lunch to! And we got to keep Hugo!!!! Yeyyy!!

And now we are goi g to a mall! Still living in my dream! Still living in my EF bubble!

See you!

- Camilla


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