Wow! What a day!


Yesterday was the last excursion that I'm going to this year... that's too sad, but there's still over one week left here at the east coast paradise! Luckily! Every day and every second is going to be enjoyed! :)

Anyway! Yesterday was amazing! At 8.30 we met up in the lobby and headed to NYC, where we got to see both the Statue of Liberty (yeah we went off the boat and on the Liberty island)

One "have to do before I die" - experience done! Wow! It was massive, unforgettable and magic! The funny thing is that it didn't look that massive from a distance, but the closer you came, the he greater it was! I'm still amazed haha! - that was actually the second thing that was on our schedule of yesterday. The first thing we did, was going on top of the Empire State (!!!) building! That was .... I don't have words! That was staggering! I all of yesterday was like: am I dreaming right now? And all of you amazing people just made it awesome! You made it a day worth to remember!

The only thing that wasn't that cool was that when we were to enter the elevator that was going to take us to the top of the Empire State (which was super cool - because they played a video of how it possibly was build while going upwards), we (Morten, Martin and I) took a professional picture that was going to show the Empire State in the background, and I got to see the picture when we were headed down again and I was offered to buy it, but that picture cost $25! And I think we had just as amazing pictures on top of the real Empire State ;) so I didn't buy it. Now I kinda regret that a little hahah... well... I might find it on the internet!

And then, it's a bit funny, because it's weird how a bus ride can take everything from Unser 15 minutes from campus to NYC or the opposite way around or almost a whole tree hours, depending on the traffic! When we were at broadway, we had the high way to ourselves, while we now spent one hour just from the Empire State to the beginning of the Central Park! Haha so to be precise, we spent exactly two hours and 45 minutes back home last night ... lol.. but good music, having two seats for myself AND closed eyes, and a relaxing mode makes wonders! Hahah I actually think it was kinda chill :p people might think I am crazy hahah ... but... and, furthermore, two weeks ago when we went to NYC for the first time, we actually spent exactly three hours because of no motion at all... :p so we were one quarter faster now than then hehe :)

But now, over to a sadder part: tomorrow there will be a lot of groups of ITL 1 that will leave, because of their stay being over. The ones that stayed for only three weeks.. Italian, danish and Martin's group of Norwegian ... luckily not me... but the campus IS going to feel emptier without them... but then it will go so fast until it's our turn :( bah... I'll just not think about that... because I'm really going to enjoy this last week! There will be so much fun happening! - anyways , we'll be attending the other groups graduation and tonight will be going back to Times Square and experience NYC by night! I'm so looking forward to that! Because the "bad" thing about being here... hahah is that graduation is the last full day, which means I'm going to REALLY REALLY cry my eyes out... :( in LB there was like five days left when there was graduation so... but I gotta survive ... promise that haha... and as I said, there's one whole week left! And I'm going to enjoy that as if it was the last week of my life haha... :p because I'm still in my EF bubble, im still living in a dream... and that's going to last for a little bit more than a week! :)

- Love Camilla

My course leader is basically a mix between the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State! He's almost as tall haha

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