Only ten days left :( - Enjoy every second and every day that's left! :D

Hey guys!

Now there's a while since you heard from me, but the last couple of days has been amazing just like everything here with EF thornwood. Now I'm sitting on the grass outside of the school building, enjoying the heat and waiting for class to start! Well, there's been a lot going on!

On Monday, we had a bonfire party and I before that, I just laid town in the grass and chilled, and then it suddenly started raining like TONS! It was POURING DOWN like seriously hahah there were streams of water and the heaven fell down... however, we just continued partying under some tarpaulins... but that only lasted for some few minutes .... it was actually kinda fun! Lol.

Yesterday, we had no school, but what we did was going to Manhattan and did some shopping and then we went to BROADWAY !!! And saw WICKED!! Omg! They were SO extremely talented! Wow! That was quite another experience than going to a Theater in Norway haha... the sounds ... the effects ... everything... wow! What a musical!

And today we started out with lounge, then I had to say goodbye ( :(((( ) to my dear friend and such a star, Margaret, who was the activities Manager, until now before she goes back to Cali, Sacramento, her hometown, to pack before going to New Castle to doing a school program there. That was not easy. But now there's school... and tomorrow back to manhattan! See you!

- love, Camilla

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