High as a kite!!!

Okay! Where should i start???

BOSTON! The Boston weekend! (San Francisco, you've got company) BECAUSE this weekend is from now on placed as one of the best weekends of my life!! I mean EVERYTHING was fantastic, everything was special, everything is going to be remembered throughout a lifetime! I'm sitting here in the lounge up in second floor shaking because I'm high as a kite because everything was fabulous! Haha - from the Quincy Market to Harvard to the guided tour to the Boston boat party, to the 4D cinema thing we did today! At the science museum! Well, now I can start telling what we did! Haha!

On Friday we went here from campus at 8.30 am and then there was a three hours long bus ride. Then we went directly from campus to Harvard University (!!!) but it was Ewing super much.. but that really didn't matter... I got some amazing pictures anyways... and it was so hot that it really didn't do anything to be a bit wet.. then we went shopping g at Quincy market where me, Louise and Margrethe went eating at a super cozy American cafe ish thing called Quincy's Place, then we went to the hotel, which was super nice and contained a Starbucks (!!) haha, me and Margrethe ended up with two Danish girls at our room that were nice!

Then yesterday was nothing but perfect! I couldn't asked for anything better! The EF Boston trip is SO worth the money!! :) we started out with breakfast at the hotel at 7.30 as usual, then at 8.30 we had to meet in the resection to get on our bus that was going to take us on a guided tour around in Boston. Then we picked up the coolest guide ever! His guiding was the best I've ever experienced! He was SO funny! So cool! Norman, loved him! He shoved us around while telling us about the history of the city in America where it all started , with the Boston massacre and the Boston tea party (that really wasn't a tea party) hahah. Then we went to a monument place a TAAAAL monument thing with 294 steps in it to come to the top, I really though I wasn't going to be able to climb that one, but I did! :D Thor feeling of personal Victory was amazing! Then there was a skywalk thing with an amaaaaazing view and then back to Quincy Market, and dinner at Hard Rock Cafe Boston before there was one of the best parties of my life at a boat, an EF cruise, best music, best atmosphere , best EVERYTHING!

Before we went to bed and arrived at the hotel at 23.00.

Then today there was breakfast again and then we went to the Museum of Science!! There, there was a 4D movie Theater showing a science program! Wow! That was sooooo cool! Never seen such a great thing before!

Then we went back to campus... with a hyped Camilla because of here just having the time of her life!

- love, an Excited Camilla

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