Basket, cheats, arts!


Well, now I just went out from the Gym all sweaty, because of playing basketball! Dude Kyle is just the best basketballteacher! He taught me just perfectly! Haha now I'm actually starting to hit the basket a bit ;)

So we started the day with Chillout (or for me going to ACME with a friend then basketball- playing) then in 30 mins there will be lunch and then school! Then in the night there will be popcorn and movies night! I love having school here btw! It's so fun! And especially with Hugo!

AND tomorrow is Boston and I CANT WAIT FOR THAT!!! Just like I really can't wait for all the activities we are doing here! I completely, totally, absolutely love being here!

Well anyway!

Yesterday was also a fun day! We started out with school as X- band, and then we had lounge and arts night and I changed my bed cheats.. yey! And this time i actually got to place the cheat around the mattress! Haha, so now I gotta do what I'm supposed to do now, chill out, and pack for the trip that's coming up tomorrow!

See ya!

- love Camilla

Hahah a friend of mine :p

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