Pie in the Face and happy birthday USA!!!

Hey yo guys!

First of all, HAPPY 4th OF JULY! Happy birthday USA!

Yesterday we had such a chill day!! School was first thing in the morning, where we had the funniest task ever! We made a video that we called "badass basketball player", then after school, we had a chill out in the lounge, and I went with Katharina to Rosehill, the Acmi- store and she bought stuff, then there was dinner and then there was a carnival party at the fields behind the school! Haha, that was soooo completely fun! We had different games, and I won the bottle race game where we were going to have a stocking on our head with a tennis ball inside it and knocking down as many bottles as possible while running Hahahah ... I won that lol.. and in the end some of the leaders were thrown a Pie in their face by some students ... I would never be able to do that, I would have felt so mean!! But it was fun to watch though lol :) Morten, Marisa and Andy were pied hahah

Today there's the independence day so that's equal no school. Soooo we got to sleep looong, I slept until 9.30 and then there was BBQ and the cafeteria was decorated with American flags all over!loved it! And also I got some taiwanischen cookies from a Taiwan friend of mine that arrived two days ago! Loved them!

Then there was water wars and I got totally socked! Hahah.

Now we are waiting to go to a place called Terrytown to watch the fireworks 💥 And I completely can't wait!!!

Happy love from me!!

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