I don't have words !!

Well, guys ... the last time I blogged was right before the glow - party in the gym, not yesterday but the day after that :) I when I blogged back then I pictured a party with good music , glow sticks, fun, laughter and the leaders announcing the winners of the instagram challenge that we had, and yes, that happened, but in addition to that, there was this SUPERCARING guy who suddenly announced my name. Music was playing and a leader, Jojo, stopped it. Then they started announcing my name. I was like: no way, this has to be another Camilla, and if i actually went up there, what if it wasn't me?! But then my friends started pushing me towards the 'stage' where the dj was; and before I realized it, I was actually standing with Daniel in front of me, holding flowers and handed them to me(!!) everyone was cheering and after giving him a hug and gotten my tears controlled, I turned around and faced the crowd, blitz, smiling faces everywhere and then they started shouting Camilla, Camilla .. Camilla ... wow!

This is a moment I'll remember for a lifetime! :D

And yesterday we went to Woodbury outlet and I spent UNDER $50!! Buying one sweater from Michael Kors and something from Calvin Klein PLUSS one ice cream!

This is America! This is sick! 😱

Then today we went back to New York City, it was hot, but windy, which made it perfect! And we went to a SUPERNICE park called Bryant Park and went shopping from there ;)

Then me and some other girls, Frida, anne Marte and one other went to Hard Rock Cafe New York and bought a burger that we brought home to Campus and ate there, then, now, I'm sitting there and waiting for a s' mores party to start at the football field!

That's gonna be nice!! :)

- life from me!

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