New York City (!!!!), BBQ, action learning project & task

Hey yo!!

Sorry that I didn't get to blog last night, but I was a bit tired when I got home from NYC! Anyways, I'm blogging now hehe :)

Yesterday was AMAZING, it was something I'm going to remember throughout my life!! You know that insane feeling when you get to experience something for the first time?? It was FANTASTIC!! I don't have a strong enough vocabulary to really explain it, there are certain things you just have to experience yourself! :D it was a mix between San Francisco's union square and Las Vegas, at least the Times Square !!!! I'm living in my lovely EF bubble, I just love it so completely much! Yesterday a dream came true, I've been waiting for this my entire life and now I've been to NYC!! And we are going back on Sunday! Woaaaaah! I'm so so so FREAKING HAPPY NOW!! Yesterday is on my list of top five favourite days, and all of them has happened with EF :)

Anyways, now I gotta go back on track haha, and then there was Central Park! Wow! You know... it's a huge park ... gigantic ... but it's just as nice, there's something special with that park that I really loved! It might have been the Idea of being in NYC ... but still ... it was beauuuutyful! And Chinatown - and little Italy! Personally that was some of the things I liked the most with the city! Because I find it so fascinating that each nationality kind of has its own little corner in the Empire City!! ;) nah, I just think this is AMAZING!!!

And then there was today; school was the first thing in the morning where we talked about refugees and the Syrian refugee crisis... that was so interesting! And i say here crying because we watched videos and stuff ... then we handed in our homework that was to ask people a question, a random one, what would you do if you found a snail on top of your head?

SCREAM!! Hahah

And now we there will be a scavenger hunt with instagram pics... excited about that!

And then there will be a disco tonight! That's gonna be fun!

- love Camilla :)

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