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Hey guys!

I'm entirely sure about that this might not show up ... but I'm trying anyway :)

Even though I didn't have the time to blog last night, we had such an relaxing day! We started out with that type of breakfast that you only get in the US(!!) and then we had lounge, and except that I misplaced my phone and was literary half a day without it, it was very nice!! Morten, some other students and I were playing janga, it's a play were you build a tower out of some wooden bricks and then remove one without making it implode :) and we had an experience where it looked like it was going to fall when I took it out, but it didn't haha... but when it was Morten's turn, it tipped over... haha and then there was school and we went for a walk out in the woods!! That Was nice! Then in the evening we had sports :) and Inga found my phone! Yey! All creds to her! Amdeeeep inside my on tycloset! And then there was sports in the evening!

Today the x - band (aka me) started out with school! Then we had "hell's kitchen" and went to the store and bought foods for $10 for ten mins and then went back to the "New York" classroom and made the food for Hugo, our teacher, that was really fun! We made a fruit salad with Greek yougurt and almonds :) he liked it, but we didn't win.... that was a burrito group ... then we went to an indoor Tivoli called Sport time USA, that was fun, but I didn't dare to take all the rides... then there was dinner and now we are getting ready for lounge so I'm excited for what they think of doing with us now haha :)

AND TOMORROW THERE IS NEW YORK TIME AND REALLY CANNOT WAIT!!!:D been waiting for this all my life and now it finally happens!!! (!!!!)

I'm in my er bubble, my seventh heaven!!

Hug from me!

- one SUPEREXCITED Camilla

Me and my teacher!! :)

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