First day in the USA!!

Hey yo!

Well, today has been such a chillaxing day! We started it all with waking up and I figured that I'm kinda affected by the jet lag after all Hahah... woke up every hour ... :p so I hope this night will be a bit more predictable than the other one haha :)

So at 7.30 there was breakfast, just as good as an American breakfast can be! And then there was student orientation where we went through some rules and just got some information, then we did a campus tour and went through the fire escape rules, then there was just some info at school and we turned out to have THE CUTEST teacher ever!!! Hugo! Omg this is gonna be such a fun school experience, I'm sure!! :)

Then after that there was lunch, and that was even better!!! After that we went to Walmart and again I was overwhelmed!! It's so freaking big!!! The other gang of 13 bought a lot and i ended up not buying anything haha... because I couldn't find the detergent, but I guess I'll just figure that out :)

And after Walmart there was dinner and the ones that hadn't payed for their extra excursions yet had the change to do that :)

Then now we are being outside in the garden having the most funny and cozy welcome party 🎉!! So this has been such a fun day, like it's always is with EF! :)

So it turned out that I'm in the x - band like I for some reason always am and I definitely can't complain!

Good night guys! Tomorrow there will be activities in the morning after breakfast! And I can't wait for it all!!!

Love, from the ef bubble, Camilla :)

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