Welcome to New York - it's been waiting for you (me?)

Hey guys!

Well, now I'm sitting in my bed in a white room, number 332, with three beds in it, three desks, one bathroom and one huge window (!) with other words, this is an amazing room that I'm sharing with my already good friend Maren and my dearest best friend Louise from long beach last year! My bed is under a bunkbed which transforms it into a little cave, my personal little cave, and it's so ... cozy here! Okay... now I gotta get to my point.. hahah;

WE - I - US - are BACK IN THE United States!!!!😍 to be honest, I don't think I have really realized it yet, even though we've stayed here for half a day already! Really... this is... AMAZING, FANTASTIC, UNBELIEVABLE, INCREDIBLE..... I could continue in an eternity!!! Stop me ... I've been here only a few hours, ready to go to bed now, but I have already fallen in love with this place! EF thornwood, New York!!

This is my first time in New York! And I'm so forever grateful, because the atmosphere here makes it feel like it's been waiting for me! - yes I left my heart in Long Beach, but now I've come here to leave my heart here too!!

I KNOW right here and now that this will be just as amazing as LB! :)

And also another amazing thing is that we are a group of only 13 students this time and we have already come so close!! Guys!!

This is amazing!

How can u describe it? Words can't? Maybe pictures can give an impression? :)

Well my journey started at 6. Am Norwegian time. My dad drove me to Gardermoen airport where I met Morten and his helper Daoud and the twelve others in my group, including Louise that I had met the day before as well:) then we had to check in and go to gate, then at 11.10 am the plane left the ground and we were off to NY!! (Which I obviously have problems with understanding even now haha), after an eight hours plane trip we had to get our luggage and wait for the Italians to get out of the immigration control, where I btw didn't get any spooky questions because of me being a bit different hahah, luckily!! :) and then we headed off to campus in the middle of a forest! It's adorable here! And 30*C!! :) wooow!

Then we got some information about things, rules and stuff, our room keys - unpacked our suit cases - and went downstairs for some pizza, such a great time with activities and the EF dance!! :) activities that Margaret had set up, as the activities manager! :)

I was too excited to being jet laged haha and I still am!

Now I can't wait for the following four weeks to comme, it's going to go fast, so I gotta enjoy every second, but here is where I should be, with EF is where I belong and also where I can be myself for real!!

I really should sleep now, good night from New York!

NY hugs from me, an excited Camilla :)

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