Yeah, you just read correctly, I'm alive ... not dead although it kinda has seemed so the last couple of months ... sorry about that ...

Well, now I'm back in! Promise! Haha :)

NOW THERE ARE ONLY 15 DAYS until I'm going with EF again! Can you believe it? !!! My 3rd year!!! This is incredible! So when I go there will be exactly (on the date) two years since i traveled the first time and 370 days since I went back the second time! And not just that BUT I'm also going with my best friend from 2016 AND also, Morten is going TO BE MY course leader again... he's been following me since I started with EF and have been in love since haha 😍

But now there will be a change... I'm not going to LB this time, I'm going to NY Thornwood! I'm going to miss Long Beach so much! But it will be nice to experience something new after all!!! 😍 so completely looking forward to that!!! And also Margaret is going to be the Activities Manager in NY!! Can you believe it!! This is just going to be SO awesome!! I literary have no words!! EF ... fifteen days!! Now I have to start packing soon, I'll start buying things and write the lists with things I'll need to bring!

And also, I have some other news for you guys! BiG NEWS!

Next summer, in the summer of 2018, the summer when I graduate, I'll be going for two weeks to EF San Diego at the new campus there! :) and go visit lB (see, i will never really let go of California haha) afraid I'm gonna say the same about New York after having a stay there tho! But I'll just enjoy it! So I can't wait for everything really!! And also, I'll be going with ef language courses to EF berlin after that!!!

#sick! :D

Well now I have to concentrate on NY (haha Luxury problem lol :)


This is going to be great! 😍

See you!

- Camilla

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15.06.2017 kl.11:24

Hei, nr du skal til EF san diego og EF Berlin, er dette noe du fr for vre ambassadr? :D eller betaler du de 2 reisene selv?

Camilla Haakonsen

26.06.2017 kl.12:52

Anonym: mlet mitt er f dem gratis :) og det fr jeg nok til fr vi da hpe? Og takk for sprsml!! Hehe
Men hvis ikke m jeg betale selv :)

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