What makes EF so Special!! :)

Heyyo guys!

Ages since you heard from me now, but there hasn't been that much EF stuff happening ... just ALOT of school haha :)

Anyway today, and yesterday there was something VERY COOL happening actually!!

Yesterday I Skyped with some international EF ambassadors! It was so fun! Mostly from Russia and Germany! We are going to start a project of some kind! It's going to be FABULOUS! We haven't really decided what yet... but I'll let you know when I know!!

I'm feeling lucky who get to being the ambassador representing Norway in this project!!

AND today I did a thing that makes EF to Best organization ever: I met Margaret and Morten! My course leader from this year and an activity leader from last year!! It was AMAZING as always! I can't really describe how much I appreciate that!! You are special guys!

So this is pretty much what I've been doing the last couple of days!!

Been two SUPER days!

And I just have to say it: if you order a language travel before October 28, you'll get 4300kr in discount if you mention my name Camilla Haakonsen when you order!!

Do it!

And now there are only 246 days until New York!! :)

EF: 22 94 12 00! :)

See you!

- Camilla!

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