Justin Bieber - pink -street action!

Hey guys!

This weekend there really has been a lot to do... but I'm loving it!!!

On Friday one of the best things happened! Something I've been waiting for in a very long time,

The Justin Bieber concert!!

That was really such an AMAZING experience and I got SO near him!!! - that was also one EF reward that two other ambassadors won, Nikette and Synne :) they deserved it so much!!! I'm so very happy for them!!!

Then on Saturday Ida, Erik, Anna and I went Street action, and there were SO MANY people downtown!! It was FANTASTIC!! Lots of people who were going to the Bieber - concert that was yesterday and also lots of other people! And today me and Nikette also went out and painted the city pink! We were doing what we love! ;)

So this was such a LEGENDARY weekend!!! Hope you had a weekend just as perfect as mine!!

- Camilla :)

Sndag med Ste Nikette<33

Helt ekte fra JB konserten!

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Henriette Celin

25.09.2016 kl.23:14

S gy at du var s nre Justin ;-)

S han live i Oslo for noen r siden selv (:

Camilla Haakonsen

30.09.2016 kl.20:16

Henriette Celin: Jaa utrolig!!!
Jeg ogs! I 2013!! :)

Henriette Celin

02.10.2016 kl.22:55

SV: , artig da. Jeg s han i 2012 tror jeg det var, om ikke det var 2011 :-P

Camilla Haakonsen

10.06.2017 kl.23:10

Henriette Celin: sorry for sent svar... tilbake n, lover! :) tusen takk! og ja!

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