Two days in pink!!

Heyyo guys!

Yeah! I just love pink - days! Or EF days!! Yesterday there was a information meeting with EF that I attended! It was GREAT!! - Actually everything went very good! I couldn't be more satisfied! And also, there's a new worker at the EF office! She started on Monday! She's so so very sweet! Omg! But that's the thing about EF! There are only SUPERSWEET people who works there!!!

That's the main reason Why I love working at the office!

And today me and Ida Natalie worked at the office again - packing ambassador packings! Back on track! That was what we did last year! And there's something really cosy with it!

Thank you so very very much EF for making these two days amazing as you always do!!! :)

- Camilla :)

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