In the seventh heaven!

My heart is a locker- this weekend I put more fantastic memories in it! :)

OMG! This is a weekend I can put on my top - ten - favourite - days - list!

As you know, Celine and Louise came and stayed at my place from Friday till today! And there was the EF reunion!


It all started with Celine coming out of the bus that took her from the airport to my place and then, I don't think I have hugged a person tighter than what I did then, I was sooo happy seeing her! When we came to my place, we went out again and shopped some candy and stuff which we could eat while waiting for Louise. Around seven, Louise showed up - and this time, there was a HUUUGE group - hug waiting!!! It was indescribable seeing her again!! :D

Then we sat and did the normal stuff - updated each other on our lives, what had happened since we left Cali- and there was this amazing feeling being back in me again.. AND ALSO! Louise has been thinking on going to NY as well! That's magic if she does so!! Omg!! :)

On Saturday, yesterday, we also had such a fun day and I was so lucky that I got to experience my skills as a tour guide ... Hahahah just kidding :p but we took the metro from where I live to the station called "national Theateret" and went straight to the Hard Rock Cafe Oslo to order a table, but they weren't open yet, so then we just took the risk of coming back later and just assume that there would be some free tables. We were going to recreate the dinner we had in Las Vegas! - which we did! That was amazing! :)

And then we went to the elevator at Tjuvholmen .... But of course that one didn't open before twelve, so we ended up going to the castle and then Frognerparken and from there to the hard rock and eat lunch :) after we ate lunch, we went home and got ready for the EF reunion party!! :)

But before we went to the party, we climbed the roof of the Opera House in Oslo! :) I had actually never done that before, so that was such an experience for me too! :D

Then there was the Ambassador kick off! We got some info about the Ambassador program and also I was nominated to the Ambassador with most bookings!! That was FANTASTIC!! So then I ended up with winning a "fell Reven" backpack and a diploma saying "most bookings" and a "gold medal" made of chocolate! :D

After that, there was the reunion! It was AMAZING INDESCRIBABLE FANTASTIC seeing everyone again!! :)

Seeing the absolute fantastic, best Morten, seeing the AMAZING Mara, who came all the way from England to attend the party and also the legendary Svein - Egil! - that was AMAZING!!! :) and also all my other friends, the ambassadors, the people working at the EF office etc!

We had the BEST night!!! Or at least I! You couldn't have made it more perfect guys! Thank you!!

And today me, Louise and Celine just spent our morning eating breakfast and saying goodbye ....

That's the only bad thing about EF... You have to say goodbye some day ... And today was the day of that... Doesn't mean we are never going to see each other again though! I'm actually going to see Louise very soon! And also Celine one day! And if Louise is joining New York with me - and Morten- then I am speachless...!!! Then almost nothing can be better!

So we'll just have to wait and see!

I had the best weekend!

Thank you! - I love you!! :)

- a grateful Camilla!! :)

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