VIDEO: The time of my life!

Hey there again! 

This video has been lying on youtube for a while now, but anyway i thought it wold be nice to post it here as well! :) This is a video telling a story. A story about some of the best experiences in my life! But no matter what this video shows, it will not ever show how great, how fantastic, how AMAZING this trip really was! Ii will tell you something, of course... but there are surtain things not pictures or texts can ever explain. One of those cases are EF Long Beach! - the atmosphere, the people, the places.. no everything... you know - and yes - i have said it before, but there are things you actually have to experience yourself to really understand! <3 

Go for it! Order a trip with EF and get 5500kr off if you order before 26 of August and mention my name when you order! just do it! ;) Go for it! 

you will never regret! :D

- Camilla  

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