Three cities doing one thing <3

Heyyo guys!

This is the last weekend of the summer holiday, and that's a little sad, but what we have been doing this weekend has been very very nice, and not to mention social! As you guys know, I went out doing street action on Friday with Rita Therese, and yesterday I went out doing it again with Ida Natalie from Nesodden and Sara Emilie from Sarpsborg. So we met as usual in front of a fountain at the national theater and went from there. Three cities doing one very social thing! :) it was the first time me and Ida went with Sara as well! Omg! She's fantastic! She is one of the reasons why street action is so fun! So we will all three be doing that again! ;) that's for sure! :)

I had the best time yesterday! - as always! It is and will always be something special with going street action with people like that! :)

See you!

- Camilla :)

<3 <3 <3

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