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Hey guys!

(I was actually done with writing this post and then the Internet crashed so I had to write it once again)


I can start with the great news!!

Number one: Mara, one of the Spanish course leaders IS ACTUALLY COMING to the Norwegian Reunion Party 10. Of September!! When she first told me, I couldn't believe it Hahahah I actually started crying of happiness! She is one of the best people I know here on earth! But there's something with the EF leaders, they are the best people in the world anyway! ;)

AND secondly .... Okay... Now you might think that I am crazy ... But I'm not ... There is something with the places I absolutely fall in love with.... Some days after I left EF long beach (I was still in the USA) I checked my ambassador page on my. EF and discovered that I had four bookings!! FOUR bookings!! I really had problems with believing my eyes, but it was true! - so some days after I came home I called the EF office and - I say it one more time, there is something with the places I fall in love with- ORDERED a new language travel, BACK to long beach!!! I can't believe it- I honestly still can't believe it! I am back in my own little dreaming world right now! :D and then the best thing happened - some days ago I got the fifth booking! So now I just have to, which I definitely will- work hard enough, and then I will end up with the whole language for free again! This is sick, this is Unbelievable, this is amazing! And this is probably what is going to make Monday, when school starts, a bit easier ;)

So, that was my good (amazing) news! So now I can tell that circa one week ago there was an info meeting at the EF office. And I absolutely love attending those meetings! Because I get to meet new people and I get to do what I love - I get to tell people about EF long beach and the absolute AMAZING SPECIAL atmosphere there is on that destination!! :)

And one other thing I love is what I did yesterday! :) I went street action with Rita Therese! :) - luckily in a better weather than last time :p the reason why I love to go street action is because you get to be social as well as doing something amazing! Promote for the BEST language travel company in the world! ;) - that's not something I'm just saying - you know I mean it from the bottom of my heart! <3

And today I am going to paint the city pink again :) this time with Ida and Sara! It's going to be just as great as always! :) and by the way: now, if you ORDER a language travel with EF before August 26th, you will get 5500kr off if you travel to USA, Australia or Japan, and 2500kr off if you travel somewhere in Europe! IF you mention my name when you order, Camilla Haakonsen!! :)No matter where you go it's going to be great, and you know it! You know it's going to be the summer of your life! - JUST GO FOR IT! And you know that you will never regret! - just do it! :D

See you soon!

- Camilla :)

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