New dreaming world :) missing it! Missing you! But who knows: maybe I'll be back next year as well! :)

Hey guys!

My little EF dreaming world is now behind me... And honestly I feel a little empty ... When am I going to see you guys again? But who knows! Maybe I'll go back next year! I will definitely that if I get the chance!! I'm hoping that the EF office can be a little kind to me (as they always are) and let me go back even though I turn 18 very soon! :) hoping hoping hoping!

Well anyway! I'm still in the USA though and we drove for 9 and a half hour to get to Phoenix :) it was worth it though! We're in Arizona! Cool! Loving it!! So I'm in another dreaming world right now! However: nothing will ever be compared to EF long beach :) loving you <3

Now we are staying at Sheraton in downtown Phoenix in 28th floor so you better not be afraid of heights staying here! Luckily I'm not :)

The view from our hotel room :)

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