This only happens once in a blue moon (once in a red sun?)!

Heyy guys!

Just before I start with saying anything else: I can't believe we have come this far... Today is our last day in paradise... I don't think my brain really have observed that yet ... But it is true... Last day... But I just want to say that these four weeks has been the ABSOLUTELY COMPLETELY best four weeks of my life' by just as - if not even better - good as last year!! Thank you guys!!

But it isn't over yet! And now is the time to enjoy the last day! Now is the time to make these memories last forever! And by the way guys! I'm so forever grateful! I love you!! :)

Anyway! Before I get too emotional here (which I definitely am going to five o'clock in the morning tomorrow, that's when the first group leaves) I have to tell how yesterday was!

It all stated with a pancake breakfast. Unhealthy... Yes I know... But something more social and cosy is hard to find! We had such a great time chatting, chilling out and eating pancakes! After that, we went to UCLA! I absolutely love that university! I want to go there! But I don't think I have enough money for that... Or good enough grades... But never give up... Right? :)

Well anyway! When we drove there, the sky was totally covered in red, yellow and black ... At first I thought it was pollution, but then I the bus driver told us that there has been a huge fire going on for four days right by griffins park I think... They are apparently still trying to stop it... That's scary... And it explains why I have heard so many "howling" cars the last few days ... And when we arrived to the Beverly Hills sign, the sky was even worse... And the sun was small and totally covered in red... Wow... That only happens once in a blue moon... Or should I rather say once in a red sun? :p

However... After taking pictures in front of the sign, me, Louise, Celine, Amalie and Cristina went out eating on such a cosy restaurant!! It was q green little garden with a fountain! And the food was amazing as well!!

After going to Beverly Hills, we went to the Beverly Center! I promised myself not to do shopping... But that was a promise I couldn't keep :( haha .. Well... Not everyday you're in the USA after all :)

And lastly we went back to campus and watched the movie shark summer! I've never seen it before, so I thought it was exciting:) scary but exciting :)

So to say it shortly: I had the best time yesterday, as every other day, here with EF! And this day is going to be great as well!

And tomorrow another adventure starts: my dad's gonna pick me up and we are going to drive a little around in the US! Can't wait! So I'm not going to say that it will be easier to say goodbye then.., I'm just saying that then there will be something great waiting for me afterwards! :)

See you!

- Camilla :)

Got some nice pictures out of it at least! :)

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