Laguna love!



After just having some chillout early on today we met at 10.20 to go to Laguna Beach! Yupp I know this sounds awful ... But really it wasn't! - we took the bus (public transportation) from a stop loooong from here ... We walked for one hour and twenty minutes hahaha :) well then we burned off some of the calories at least:p because Google maps led us in the wrong direction :p and then when we (finally) got on the bus we sat there for one hour and 30 mins and then we were at Laguna!! I absolutely LOVE that beach! Felt so nice being back! We went to an Italian restaurant and then ate some ice cream AND then chilled at that beautiful beach :) when we went back home we spent two hours in the bus on our way him, but the time went by fast cause I wrote a story. :) then we got our in n out for free because we won that scavenger hunt picture thing and we had such a nice time in the lounge as always! :)



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23.07.2016 kl.10:05


Var dere p samme sted i fjor? Laguna Bach er S fin, men det er vel en veldig lang strand? Reiste med til Long Beach i fjor, og skal tilbake til Laguna Beach neste sommer!! Men husker du om det het noe spesielt akkurat der dere var i r eller i fjor?<3


25.07.2016 kl.08:37

Anonym: takk for kommentar! Kult!! Ja den er fantastisk! Ikke noe egentlig ... Bortsett fra klippene da og fine fine stranden!!! :))

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