Graduation +Santa Monica + Venice = A fantastic day!!

Hey guys!

Now we are sitting in the yellow school bus on our way home from Santa Monica :) on my right hand side I have such an amazing sunset and my beautiful friend Louise :) we are sitting here smiling after such a memorable and AMAZING day!! :)

After Margaret left this morning I got ready for graduation, and after some awards in the class room, we went to an auditorium and had the graduation ceremony! Actually it was such a beautiful ceremony! At first we received our graduation papers and then Michael held a little speech, and the other Danish Celine said some words; she did GRATE! And then it was my turn and I think I got to deliver my message at least ... But I had such a clear schedule in my head and when I first stood there I got totally blank.. So I kept on repeating myself over and over ... So I'm not fully satisfied with it... But again, words are not strong enough to describe what I feel... But I tried at least :) well anyway! Enough about that! :p

After the graduation, we ate lunch and went to Venice! God! It felt sooo grate being back there!! It was just as amazing as last year! Both the beach and the canal... Wow ... There was almost no more water left in the canal though... But still very very fantastic being back! Loved it!!

After Venice, we went directly to Santa Monica! That was also soo special being back!! :) wow! I just realize I'm so very, very lucky who have this opportunity!! :) at Sata Monica did we eat and did shopping (now I'm done with all the presents yeyy!) and in the end we watched the beautiful sunset! We did also through our graduation caps in the air! Just like you see in movies! Love doing that haha :)

Thank you for yet an AMAZING day guys!! :)

- Camilla

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