Scavenger hunt! Victory! :)

Heyyo! Good morning!

Well... Right now I'm a little sad because I just had to say goodbye to Margaret and for once I don't know when I'll see her again... Soon I hope! :)

Anyway! Yesterday we just had our last day of school... :( well... Anyway! I just have to enjoy every second and every day even more than I actually to... Because time flies and then it's important to enjoy the ride! :)

And yesterday we also had a scavenger hunt with pictures! AND WE WON!!! That's cool! But the most important thing is to enjoy the play, but when you enjoy the play AND win as well! That's just amazing!! That was really really really cool! Haha :)

And today, so far, we have eaten breakfast and me and Margaret had a little photo shoot in the L lounge.. Hahah :) and Michael just asked me if I wanted to hold the Graduation speech again... So right now I'm a little nervous. But I have done it before and I'm sure I can do this :) it can only be better than last year :p haha :) but words won't ever be strong enough to describe what I really feel! :) but I'll do my best!

Wish me good luck!

See you!

- Camilla :)

Cutest squirrel!! :)

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