One more Megacool Party!

Hey guys! And good afternoon!

Sorry! But when we came home from the Megaparty last night I was so tired I couldn't blog I just went straight to bed and for once I fell asleep kind of fast! Haha! Well yesterday we, as you can see, had another Megaparty! Just as cool as the one we had the second night! We danced and had so much fun!! And before that, there was sports choice, which ended up in me saying goodbye to intake two, who went home yesterday! I'm so so happy that I get to stay a little bit longer! I appreciate every second and every day! You don't realize how lucky you are before it's over right? Well.., and then we had school in the morning! A pretty chillout day actually! And I do also LOVE the fact that Margaret's here! Haha!

And so far today, we have eaten breakfast, went to the bookstore on Campus and to a place on Campus called Japanese garden! Omg! I've never been to Japan, but I can only imagine it's just like that! Wow! I'm amazed! It was so so so AMAZING!!! And the fishes! They were so tame and huge haha! Loved them!! :) I loved them! Really! Right now we are soon going to eat lunch and then I'm going to change my bed cheats... God the time flies! It just feels like I did it yesterday :p and then it's off to school and having this test ... Ugh... Well... Wish me good luck for that ... But I'm sure it'll go okay at least! Haha!

See you peeps!

Camilla :)

As I said, I'm amazed! Why didn't I go there last year?? Well- then I got to des cover one more thing!!! :) awesome! Fantastic!

And a friend of mine just spilled some rise in my bed hahaha so she's just cleaning it up right now :p haha

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