Pyramid and Prom!

Hey guys!

Sorry for not blogging the two last days, but we had extremely much to do as well as nothing really :p if that made sense ... :p I did unfortunately not have time to blog, anyway so sorry for that :p

Well- where should I start? These two days have been such fantastic days! Nevertheless, yesterday!! I'm sure you guys don't believe me anymore when I say that "this has been the best day of my life" or something like that, because I just say it all the time just to say it ... But the fact is that I mean it so much! I mean, I'm in California, with the best people ever, and I get to explore so much, how is it possible not to think that we live in a paradise then? That every day is fantastic? Like a dream? I can't really tell you how much I appreciate it!! :) it's indescribable!

Anyway! On Wednesday, we had late school, so we had some activities before we went! We played Baseball! That was actually really fun even though I couldn't participate that much though ... And then we went to school and got the most comprehensive homework ever :p hahah we were going to be able to name all the fifty states in USA in order! I did my homework, however I did not remember them all :p so right now, on our way to San Francisco (one of the places I love the most) I'm sitting in the bus listening to this "fifty Nifty United States" - song, trying to memorize all the states :p anyway, after school we had something called the "amazing Race" which basically was walking (the others had to run except my "injured" group) around on Campus solving some exercises that we got :) It was nice exploring places on campus where i hadn't been before!!

And yesterday was also such a fantastic day! Yesterday we had school - first thing in the morning, then we also got such a comprehensive assignment, that is, due Tuesday, to memorize all the presidents on the 9 dollar- bills and 7 coins... So just wish me good luck with that :p well, I think that is going to be a little bit easier I hope! Hahah :) well I do already know that the half- dollar coin is John F. Kennedy, because last year I got one of those from Michael after I held the graduation speech:) and I really do love that coin, so! :) now I just have to work on learning all the others, but it's fun learning, so I just think it's cool and very practical!! :)

Anyway, after school we ate the lunch that I absolutely love (hahah) and then I tanned lying in the grass aaaand got a little sun burned - ooops ... :p EVEN though I wore sunscreen... Hmm and then I got ready for prom. PROM guys! Just taste that word! This is America guys! This is fantastic! And I had such an amazing night! (Even though there was no opportunity for slow dancing though, well then I can have the dancing as an only memory from last year, something unique and amazing) anyway! There were lots of good music Aaaand photobooth! Loved those photo booth pictures! You made it awesome guys!! There were so many cute couples and dresses! Hahah:)

So I want to thank you, guys, for one of the best nights of my life! :)

And there was such a nice ending on the Prom as well! We all (the once being left) huddled together in a circle and sang! And that is a part of that fantastic EF - atmosphere I'm talking about! :)

And we also danced the EF dance, of course:)

So! As I mentioned earlier in this post, now we are in the bus on our way to San Fransisco!! Last year, the San Fran - weekend was the best weekend in my life, literally! No other experience has been better than that, yet :) Las Vegas this year was, I think the closest you can come to best weekend- trip so far :) maybe this weekend in San Fran will be even better than last year? Time will show!

I do not know what it is with me and SF, but I absolutely love that city! I love the coulture, the people, the attractions and Everything! And what we do with EF! The boat - trip under Golden Gate Bridge (!!!) and Alcatraz and so on!

You know I'm loving life right now!! :)

Well, then I am done with the novel - writing :p

See you as soon as I get the chance to blog!

- one excited Camilla :) <3

Hahah Everett covered in Photo Booth effects ! A real Viking! :p

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