Today has actually been such a fun day, even though we didn't really do much! We went to school, we had to sue the other class! That was fun! Anyway that was first thing in the morning after our usual favourite breakfast, then we just had a chillout the rest of the day until the talent show :) but one thing was actually a little sad today... Jim (the absolute fantastic Jim) quit today, because he have got another job.. I promised myself not to cry... But I can't say that I succeed... When he said that I was one of the reasons why he took the EF job this year I totally felt like crying a river ... Not kidding... :) well it was kind of nice as well... Because he is really one of the people I appreciate the most! So I wrote him a letter :) I just keep thinking that there is ONLY ONE thing that is bad with EF language travels is that you actually have to say goodbye to the people you meet ... HOWEVER! Today we also had a talent show!! That was so fun! Lots of funny sketches and cool talents!! Loved it!!

So now people are having some in n out and I'm thinking of going to bed soon :)

Again! Loving life! So living in a complete dream! Amazing!

- goodnight!

- Camilla :)

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13.07.2016 kl.20:12

Hva består frokosten av :)?


15.07.2016 kl.20:51

Anonym: Sorry for litt sent svar :) men frokosten på campus består av alt! Det er liksom det som er så fantastisk med den kantinen!! Man kan ha alt fra egg&bacon, til brød med pålegg til interessente retter som de lager! Lunsjen er om mulig enda bedre :) tenker du å bestille? I såfall hadde det vært utrolig kult om du kunne nevne navnet mitt når du bestiller :) Camilla Haakonsen! :) takk for at du spør :)

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