Universal best studios!

Where should I start?

I'm amazed!

I'm happy!

I'm thankful!

Well, at 7.45 we had a meet - up and went to universal studios!! Last year I was mostly too scared to do some of the rides, but today I have taken more rides than ever before, so I'm a little proud of myself actually :p well just kidding :p but Jurassic Park was as AWESOME as last year AND this year I also rode the Transformers Ride! That was just indescribably, unbelievable fantastic! I don't have words! Why didn't I take that last year as well? Hmm well.. I'm glad I did it this year at least!

And the new Harry Potter section was yet another amazing thing! And I was supposed to take that ride, but didn't ... Because it was high - speed .. And I hate those things where you actually are moving:p because I feel I loose control :) HOWEVER I love simulators though! So this and SF are my favourite attractions definitely!!

And definitely! We took this Hollywood Tour! That was also fantastic! Yupp! I know I have taken it before but that is the best thing ever really (or everything here is that though)! And we where at this special effects show (or something:p) where we saw a man burning in flames for real in some seconds! That was AMAZING! It's incredible what people can do! Sick! Everyone was like WOoooow!! And there was also a man flying!

And after that there was this disco! This absolute fantastic, awesome disco! I really don't know about a better disco! I love it!

Again, words can't describe, they are not strong enough to describe how I feel right now!

Thank you! This is just a day full of memories!

- Camilla :)

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