Universal excitement!

Heyy guys!

Sorry for not blogging yesterday.. But for some reason I forgot it... :/ won't happen again! Promise! :)

So - yesterday, Sunday nothing special happened, really.... We just ate breakfast and got ready and sat in the bus around 8am - on our way home from Vegas! I sat there and really, couldn't have been more satisfied and happy!

What a fantastic weekend!

Then we went to Ontario Mills, a shopping outlet :) mostly I bought gifts this time :) and we ate lunch at Panda Express:)

After three hours at Ontario Mills, were we on our way to campus again :) and we had such a chillout and that felt good after such a GNARLY weekend!! And I ordered In n out for dinner through Everett :) and also I did some laundry:) sounds like a pretty boring day? Right? Well... No! Definitely not! Not one single day is boring with EF Long beach!!

Anyway! :) now I just woke up and I'm getting ready for an amazing breakfast! I'm hungry, so can't wait! :) hahahah

Before we go to Universal studios at 7.45!! That is going to be super- awesome! I love simulators and all the stuff at universal AND there's gonna be a huge disco afterwards like last time! Can't wait!

And unfortunately, we are halfway already. Today... Well... I can't spend my time being sad about that :) I just have to enjoy every second even more!

See you after Universal!

- one excited Camilla! :)

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