Vegas in all its beauty!


This is a blogpost written with too few words... Today was (like all the other days) a wonderful day! I really don't think words can ever describe the days here in the USA, California and Nevada :)

These days are just the time of my life!!

Well, I might even say that this day was even better than yesterday... Well... Not so sure about that ... But at least just as good! I'm so loving this!!

Well, it started with a good breakfast and then we went to New York, New York and my friend, Celine, was supposed to take that roller coster, but the line was just toooo long, she didn't have time for that unfortunately... But that's just life :) I caught such a good film of it anyway! :)

And then we went to Caesar's Palace and you can say that I shopped at least moderately :p well, I bought a new dress at Banana Republic and (ofc) a bikini at Victoria's Secret ;) hahah and some makeup :)

Then we got back to the hotel we are staying at and had some time by the pool! Then I got to use my new bikini! Hahah I just forgot the other one at campus so... Well! It felt so good being back at the pool at the hotel! We stayed there last year as well :)

Then we got ready for Stratosphere! That incredibly high tower where you get this AMAZING view of Las Vegas! I think it's impossible to get used to a sight like that! Wow haha :) stratosphere always has something good to give :) - a good buffet and a fantastic view!! :D thank you for the best time Vegas!! And not to mention, I got a "tattoo" (which is fake ofc) saying LOVE LIFE <3 which is exactly what I'm doing now! Everyday with EF Long Beach is a dream! How is it possible not loving life? There are few things here in life that is completely impossible, but that is some of them, my opinion :))

Again, thank you for making this the time of my life! :)

- Goodnight, Camilla :)

Morining view from our hotel room :)

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10.07.2016 kl.17:32

For en fantatisk oppleves, kjempe fine bilder :) (Har forresten ukens blogg konkurranse p min blogg n, bli gjerne med)


11.07.2016 kl.18:16

lisarorvik: tusen takk!

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