Downtown Las Vegas baby!! 😍😍

Hey peeps!

Where should I start? Again I'm speechless! This is sick! This is totally completely sick!!

Firstly: we're in LAS VEGAS!! We're in the city that never sleeps! There is lights everywhere and lots of funny people! Omg! I'm soooooo living in a dream right now!

So it all started with that type of breakfast that I love, then get all ready for Vegas and then off we went!

After approximately 5 hours (with one stop and some lunch that tasted amazing) we arrived to Las Vegas!! The first thing we did was going out of the bus towards the famous Vegas sign, and. gosh! There was a wall of hot air that hit us! 45*c! I think I have never experienced such a heat before! But this is Vegas guys! It's supposed to be hot here! Well, anyway! We took some day- pictures of the sign and one group picture and then we hurried back to the bus, where the air condition waited for us :) and then we went to the Strip, the Main Street in Vegas! Gosh! So good it felt to be back! After that we went to Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas and ate such a good dinner! After that we watched a water show, that we didn't have time to see last time! So it was awesome seeing it! It was sooo nice! Moreover, lastly, we went to this street with lots of lights in the roof and lots of Casinos! This is also a place we didn't get to see last time! So it was kind of fantastic seeing it!! I think it is downtown Las Vegas!

This has been a day full of both new and old experiences! Omg! Again, I'm speechless!

I'm amazed!

I'm living in a dream! Everyday with EF long beach is a dream!

Now we are on our way to the hotel and I'm not even a little bit tired in spite of it being 22.00 exactly ... :)

Living the life in Las Vegas!

How can I describe how thankful I am?

- Camilla :)

The bigger the better- USA :p

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