Every day here is the best day! Loving it!


Wazzup guys?

Now there is an electric ball rolling inside my chest! I'm so happy for being here! Can't believe this is real! And I know you guys know it!

Today there was nothing special happening really... But still we had such a great day!

We had school early in the morning and we talked about food and culture and then we got a homework where we were going to go to a store where we were going to look at the differences between the prices on organic food and none- organic food:) and then we just had a chillout and THEN something called Top Chef:) omg that was SOoooo fun!! The winner had such (terrible) food hahaha but that was the meaning of it .. Called svettost :p they had such a funny presentation! I laughed sooo much that I cried not kidding!! Hahahah and soo true Norwegian!


Now I'm sitting in the L lounge and trying to observe all the good stuff that happened today!!

And tomorrow we are going to Las Vegas!! That's gonna be great!! We are leaving at 8.45! I'm soooo excited!!!

See you!

- Vegas Camilla :)

Didn't get some pics of the Top chef unfortunately... Because my phone died ... :) but then you can picture whatever you want :p I just say it was awesome! And I was the judge, because I've been here at EF long Beach before :) loving it!!!

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