Best of Malibu !!

Hey guys!

Yupp another sitting-in- the - bus- on- my -way-home blogpost coming up! We are sitting here digging to the music and we are having fun and everything is perfect! I'm not even tired! Loving this!

Well a summery of the day coming up here!

It started with the usual good breakfast and then we in y- band group San Fransisco did not have school despite x band was having it :) so while they were at school me and some friends went to the Megaparty- place and played some bowling and air hockey :) that was so fun even though I lose both the times :p then we are the best lunch which I just LOVE! I mean, there are so many things to choose between!! This is USA, guys! This is the heaven of good food! ;)

Then I changed my bed cheats (this Wednesday I actually remembered it compared to last year... When I missed it too often :p) I'm surprised how easy it was, just to turn them in and get new ones :)

After that we did the biggest thing for today! We went to Malibu!!! That was just incredible! - just as every other excursion we do here!! :)

Well, first we tried lying a little on the beach, but then we got so hungry that we just had to get something to eat :) and we ate such great food! And had a dessert at Starbucks :p now we are going back to campus and I'm super- excited how that's gonna be when we arrive, because there are flocking looooots of new people from Norway, but also Russia, France, Finland etc :) I think there will be 150 new people just today! That's gonna be awesome!

So tomorrow it's school and something o don't know yet.. But I will update you tomorrow! :)


- hug from a not tired Camilla :)

Frida's name was spelled completely incorrect at Starbucks :p

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