Absolutely love days like these!!!

Hey guys!

Sorry for not blogging yesterday... But firstly, my phone died and secondly: I had some problems with the Internet... However, now I'm back on track!

Yesterday was a pretty relaxing and fun day actually :)

At first we had, as usual, that best breakfast ever! (Loving it! There are so much stuff to choose between) and then we went to class and I'm actually loving to go to class here! It's stress, I know, because our teacher, Kimberly Ransom, pushes us very hard! But that's a good thing I think! :) for example we had to set up three goals for this trip and I ended up with

- learning 10 new words each day (which I just think is great)

- learning 50 (!!!!) facts about the USA

- and talk with 20 people with different American accents

Sounds quite challenging right? Well I like it anyway, because she is such a fun person!

Anyway - and after school, I ate my lunch kind of fast because I wanted to say goodbye to one of my friends, a course leader from last year from Finland. They, ITL 1, went home yesterday:/ and after that I just went to the pool! That was really funny, because last time I really didn't get the chance to go to the pool:) and then I just ate some quick Mexican food, some kind of burrito. But before that, one of my favourite persons from last year came over and visited! Amatullah Guyot!! :) a teacher from last year!

And at seven pm we had something called ice cream - social! And that's exactly how it sounds like! Eating ice team and being social! I loved it! :)

So wen the evening came, I did a part of the other homework I have till next class, interviewing one from the local area! So I interviewed Everett :) and I totally love this guy I figured! Hahahah! He writes stories, just as I do, and his texts are really great! (Or the one I got to read) but I bet all of them are fantastic!

And then, after such a great day, it was time for bed:)

Now, it's time for breakfast again.. But before that some laundry and today we'll also change our bed cheats, and then we'll go to Malibu!

Can't wait and see you soon!

- Californiagirl Camilla!

Hah- me and Everett switching glasses :p

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