Disney love and land! Disney fantastic and Disney fantasy!!


Okay guys: where can I start? Where should I start? I'm amazed! I'm so happy! Okay, firstly my feet does not hurt at all (well the reason might be that I sat in a wheelchair most of the time... And red the map :p) and secondly we had the greatest time! We went on lots of cool rides and are lots of good food! Did you know they had great food in Disneyland? Apparently they have!! And thirdly, me and the rest of the gang squeezed us in between all the others in front of the castle and GOT THE GREATEST view EVER!! I mean! That could NOT HAVE BEEN BETTER in any way!! I'm sooo satisfied with the day! How can I describe it! This day couldn't have been better! Literally!

AND happy 4th of July guys!!

I loved last year! And then we had a huge three in front of our faces when we were to see the fireworks... Now we came so close to the castle, it was almost not possible to get closer!! This was fantastic! Does that say something? Woooow!!

Again guys! I'm amazed!


Tomorrow there will be back at school! And we have the best teacher! Actually, can't wait! Hahah

- happy Camilla :)

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