Living in a dream and sitting on the roof of LA!!

Hey guys!

Today was SUCH a FUN day!! As all the other days! I really do love the way EF makes the schedule! Hahah

Today we had a chillout until 13.15 - I used that time to wash and dry my clothes and me, Emma and Ailin discovered other parts of the campus we are living at :) (unfortunately did we also discover that all the food-shops at campus are closed in the weekends) so we had breakfast at a Taco - place right down the street from campus :) it was actually surprisingly good food!!! Well I and a friend ate there last year as well.. So I was kinda expecting that :p

Anyway! At 13.15 we went downtown Los Angeles!! It was soooo fantastic being back there and I loved it! We walked at Walk of Fame and went to a shooting center and then we went to the Grove and Farmers marked and had so really good food and more shopping :p loving that place! It's sooo cute!!

After that we went up on the roof of LA, literally :) we went to griffits observatory and the view from up there is indescribable! I think there is really no prettier view than that... Well maybe, but this is (my opinion) the most beautiful view ever! And nevertheless, The observatory is such an amazing building as well!

In other ways: this day could really not have been better than it turned out to be!! :)

Loving life! :)

And guess what? tomorrow it's 4 of July!! And then we are going to celebrate the day in Disney land :) I can't wait! And I can't wait to see the fireworks!

Now we are on our way home and I'm so happy... I'm so grateful :) I'm amazed, because life cannot get better than it is right now!

- a thankful Camilla :)

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