A day worth to love!! <333

Heyyyo, guys!

Well now I'm sitting in the lounge in the L building at Cal State Long Beach try to let today sink in as well as enjoying the neon party! :)

Today still is was and will forever be such a great day!!!

Firstly me, Emma, Ailin, Nora and Frida went to Target and bought some practical stuff like a towel etc:) on our way we ate a good breakfast at Subway and then we went to ANOTHER new target, before leaving to go to Belmont Shore downtown Long Beach :) we went out eating dinner and then we went to the beach! First went to a huge beach which was SO PRETTY and so typical Californian!!! Then we went to yet another beach that could have been something like Norway! Haha that was cool as well! Two so different beaches next to each other! Impressed! ;)

And after that me and Ailin and Morten were picked up by Michael and we went out eating SUCH AN AWESOME FANTASTIC ice cream at Creamistry!!:) the best ice team - store ever!!! That was so cool! You know those American science classes you see in movies? You know those smoky machines? THEY MADE ICE REAM OUT OF THAT!!! Loving it!!! Hahah I totally fell in love actually :p

And now we are enjoying a cool NEON party and I'm loving it! So cool with good music and a lovely party atmosphere!

I'll just go enjoy it till the end and then I'll see you soon!

- party- Camilla :)


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03.07.2016 kl.10:36

S herlig :) (Har forresten ukens blogg konkurranse p min blogg n, bli gjerne med)


04.07.2016 kl.17:11

lisarorvik: okayy! Herlig og tusen takk!! :)

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