My home is a paradise with a San Diego- dream!


Well.. Now the busses heads back to campus again and we have had SUCH a wonderful fantastic, beautiful, amazing day here in San Diego! Love this city! Well.. I love everything about EF long beach and you know it!!! Haha

Well, this day am I definitely going to remember throughout my life! That's the thing about EF Long Beach, they make things so incredible that you are guaranteed to remember it for a loooong time to come!

Where should I start? Well everything was so fantastic that I just think it's best to tell you chronologically:

Firstly we visited a beach full of seals! That was unique!! I have never seen a seal in real life before so :) that beach is called La Jolla cove Seal beach and then Pacific Beach! Which was awesome as well! And we sat there and just enjoyed the sun that just showed up behind the clouds :) and then we went to a place of San Diego that was absolutely indescribable... So cute and kind of Mexican right by the ocean and there was such a nice view and many small cozy restaurants and cafes :) that is one of the nicest places I know so far :p and then, the last stop we had was the Fashion Valley - center :) and it felt so good to be back there! I absolutely love to go shopping there!! That's such a cute little "city" full of wonderful stores!

Well there's one thing that I know for sure: I'm so happy that I came back to EF Long Beach! I'm so happy that I got to see my incredible friends from last summer and I'm so happy that I have found such amazing new friends as I have!

I'm so looking forward to the next days! The adventure has just begun!

I'm in paradise!!

I'm so flying now, so happy! It feels like there is a firework inside my chest! Because I'm back! I'm back to the place I love! <33

Hope you are doing well!


- a grateful and happy Camilla :)

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