First day and such a Wonderful day!!

Hey guys!

Sorry for not blogging yesterday .. But I did really not have time at all.. It all started with waking up early and then eat the best breakfast (the type of breakfast you only get in the US. And at this place, my home:) ) the best breakfast ever to be honest haha.. Well... Anyway! I'm just so incredibly happy! You guys- I know I have said it before- but you really have no idea how much it means to me that I am back! I feel like living in heaven right now! Not even kidding! This can't get any better!! And after such an awesome first breakfast in the awesome Cafeteria, we got torn into groups, there are two kind of groups. LA or Los Angles and SF or San Fransisco, I'm in San Fransisco, having Morten and Manny as leaders. :) and then we had some "get to know each other"- games, then the best lunch and then we had our first day of class! I'm actually in level 5, the highest level! So I went from level 4 to five in a year! So I can say that I reached my goal in a way! We are such an awesome class and I like the students in it already!! I'm also in class with my roomie, Ailin, so that's just great!!! :) haha

After class we had a meeting in an auditorium, the auditorium where we had graduation last time, it felt so good being back there hahaha, and afterwards we did something I have missed since we left last year! The Megaparty! That was such an amazing party with pizza, bowling, air hockey etc :) and not to mention LOooooots of dancing and fun!! We went to bed quite late, but that's the part of the game, AND it was awesome! We are here to enjoy the time fully out and have fun, not sleeping :p I loved it, EF made it as awesome as always!!

So right now I'm sitting in a school bus after another awesome breakfast, on my way to San Diego! (At least the buses where on time this time- let's just hope this one won't break down as well, like last year :p) so I'll update you on the trip to SD when I've got the time!

Now there's yet another fantastic day coming up! :) can't wait to be back in San Diego! And the leaders said that we are not going the same places as last year (the beach is an exception) so I'm SUPER EXCITED to get to see some new cool places in SD! And i can't wait to go back to the beach! Haha :)

Hoping you are enjoying life as much as I am right now!! :)

So anyway!

See you soon!!

- San Diego love from a superexcited Camilla!

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