Home is where your heart is! I'm back home!!

Good morning guys!

I can't believe it... Really I just cannot! BECAUSE I'm back in Long Beach!! In California! I'm so lucky that I get to live in California once again!



I have waited for this to come in 334 days!

So yesterday was a wonderful, exciting travel day:)

I woke up, drove to Gardermoen airport and met the coolest future fellow students :) - and also not to mention my absolute fantastic course leader, Morten, who became one of my friends last summer :)

After three hours at the Oslo airport, a plane waited for us and took us to New York. I can say that the two trips are the best plane - trips I've ever taken! Haha :) from Oslo- New York, I sat and had the window by my side and from NY to LA I was sitting in the end of a row :)

When we arrived to LAX, I got a little afraid because one second I thought I had lost my luggage for a second... But luckily not! :)

And at California State University Long Beach, I met many new people and we ate pizza and got some information:) but not to mention I met Michael! A person I have missed so much! The absolute fantastic Michael!

And then we went to our dorms and today I woke up at five because I have jet lag ... :p

So I'm so excited for what this day is gonna bring! But If there's something I'm absolute sure of is that it's gonna bring something good!!! :) everyday in Cali brings something fantastic!

So now I and Ailin, my roomie are getting ready for breakfast!

See you soon!

Love from the most happy Camilla ever!! :))

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