Mixed feelings! - one year since Cali and five days until Cali!


Well, right now I'm a little in shock actually- I mean: has the time really gone this fast! Apparently yes! Baca use now there are ONE YEAR since I arrived to Cali to long beach and there is one year since the best weeks of my life started. And I really want to thank my absolute fantastic friends for making them the best weeks of my life!

So today, me, Caroline and Dorthe went out eating and celebrating that there is one year since Cali! It was really so indescribably fantastic seeing them again! :)

There is really something special with EF long Beach - friends! They really get a special place in my heart!

So thank you so much for an incredible evening guys!! 😍

And one more thing that is incredible is that I am actually going back to my paradise on Wednesday in only FIVE days!

That is such a fantastic feeling!! :) and it keeps me from being that kind of sad I would have been If it wasn't a fact that I'm going back! Because I really cannot wait!!

Soon I will be in my own personal "dream bubble" again! And that's just fantastic!! There is no other way of seeing it! :)

- Lots of love from a happy and super- excited Camilla!

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