Sick, but true - ONE WEEK!

Hey, guys!

As the headline says: sick, but true! Now there are only ONE WEEK till I'm sitting on the plain to New York and then from New York to the final, best and most adorable destination i know: LAX, Los Angeles California! 

i know that it is probably much more important for me than for you, and that this mean a hundred times more for me than for you, but i just have to blog about it. Because i am so incredibly excited and so happy that i actually get to go back to my paradise! 

in one week i am going to meet the gang i have talked with on Facebook and skyped with for months now, and i get to meet my absolute perfect course leader again, Morten! yeah, i know I'm saying it a little too much now, but can't wait! i haven't really realized it yet! 

but this is happening!

i am going back!

in one week! 


- see you! 

-n camilla :)


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