29. Mai vs. 29. Juni


Today it's 29th of May, but for me it's not only a normal day with a normal date .. Today it's only ONE month till I'm back in the place where I left my heart. Now I'm going back to it! To the place I love and to the people I love! This is unreal, this is fantastic, this is indescribable! I really cannot wait to go back!

This time for free!

And also, because it's only a month left, I figured it would have been nice to write some words to my absolute best- EFambassador - friends!

Yes.. I got the language travel for free because I worked as an EF ambassador. But that job as an ambassador would not ever have been the same without you guys!

Trond, Ida and Rita.

Each of us have an extraordinary experience with doing street action. Thank you!

Ida, you remember the day we went out doing "street action" when there was -19*C, right?

And Trond that day we went out in the pouring rain, and we thought the sky was falling down. At least I won't ever forget that... (Can't wait to see you in Long beach btw) :)

And Rita.. This is Norway :p remember :p when it was kind of hot and not a cloud on the sky, it was late April and then it just started snowing, but despite that we kept on going?


Well... Anyway... Now there are only one month until yet another adventure starts! I can't wait!

And I can't tell how happy I am for the I credible time we spent together as ambassadors this year, guys!

- Camilla

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29.05.2016 kl.15:11

, dette innlegget har s fint!! Du fortjener virkelig sprkreisen gratis eller all jobbingen! Og tusen takk for alle de gode minnene vi har slapt gjennom EF. Og street action i -19 grader var virkelig kos Hehe! Love you bestie<3 :)


31.05.2016 kl.19:52

Ida: ste deg!! <3 tusen takk!
finner p noe snart <3

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