Jumping of joy!!

I MADE IT! - Dream until, your dreams come true!

After almost loosing all hope, I got the last booking!! I got what I was working so hard to get and I achieved my goal!! In the end!!

The feeling I have inside my chest right now is indescribable! My heart is jumping up and down! Jumping of joy! I am so happy, because I got the language travel for free!


In Norwegian there is a phrase saying: "si at du vil, så får du det til!" That is kind of my life motto meaning: if you work hard enough, you will achieve what you are fighting for in the end!

There is a sentence containing of nine words that only tells you that the power of will is more powerful than you ever believe.

So if there are any EF ambassadors out there, working to get the language travel for free, if you are one reading this right now, do NOT loose hope! Because I made it, even though I thought I wouldn't. That means that you can do it as well! It's worth it!

The recipe is simple:

- work hard!

- never loose hope

- stay positive no matter what!

- Then you will reach your goal and end up traveling for free!!

So you can do it! Just believe in yourself!! :)

Moreover, I want to thank all the incredible people who have helped me making this dream come true! Thank you to the Oslo EF office and a BIG shoutout goes to the absolute wonderful five persons who now are my bookings! Thank you! Words can't thank you enough! :)

So, as you might understand, happiness and gratefulness are not a strong enough descriptions of what I feel right now, there are something stronger pounding in my heart right now!!


I can't believe I'm actually going back to this paradise for free!!

- Camilla

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