Best thing with EF


Sorry guys, there has been so much stuff to at school! But that's life... It's soon holiday now so I think I'll be able to survive it! :)

ANYWAY something around a week ago one of the nicest persons I know came all the way from the US. to Norway to visit her Norwegian friends!

That is exactly what's so fantastic with EF language travels! You get so many special friendships! So many international friendships! I had the best time seeing Margaret! And we went out and had so much fun! For once I got to act like a tourist in my own city! Loved it!

Also, this year I'm so lucky that I will get the chance to go back to Long Beach! Then I'll see her again and all my other incredible friends!

And also I'm going to get to know so many fantastic new people!

Can't wait!

36 days left!! :)

- Camilla

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