Ef office- working!

Hey guys!

Today Ida, Rita and I worked at the office, just as awesome as always!! :) we wrapped as many packages as we could manage, because believe me- it's looooots of stuff to do! But there is no other place that makes me in a better mood than EF places, such as the office, for example.

Technically, i have already reached the goal of 14.000 point (to get a language travel to the US for free) but I am missing the last booking! So I'm just working to get that! And I will not give up! There is a phrase saying "si at du vil, så får du det til" in Norwegian. That simply means: never give up. And work for your goals, then you will reach them in the end! That is kind of my life motto... Hahah:) anyway! I had a fantastic day today with my lovely girls Rita and Ida - and also with the incredible staff at the office! I did also work yesterday.. And that was awesome as well!

I'm just hoping to get some bookings soon!

Have a nice weekend guys!

- Camilla

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