Rain, Fun and Street Action!

Hey guys!

Yes I know, ages ago! Sorry...

However, today Ida and I did some Street Action, funny as always... But gosh it poured down! It was worth it though! One thing I have learned is that most things works out as long as you stay positive and yes it did! Now the sun actually shows up a little here ( a little too late) but that does not matter... It's here now, after all :)

Maybe the thing I like the most with street action is that I get to talk with so many nice people! And definitely, I get to talk about EF - things... And there is really nothing that gets me in a better mood than that! Haha :)

So today was quiet an awesome day, despite the weather :)

By the way, yesterday there was EF meeting. I have waited for that meeting since I ordered my trip once again! Firstly it was so incredibly fantastic to see Svein - Egil again, the Norwegian REM in Long Beach, and not to mention, it was so funny to meet all the new people I'm going to travel with this year! YOU ARE AWESOME Guys- and I can't wait to see you in California!

So we just got some information about the summer and had a little lunch after that! #LovingIt

- Camilla

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17.04.2016 kl.20:25

Det var super koselig i dag! Tusen takk for en finfin dag <3 :)

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